Integration into Your Website

Do you already have website? Do you want to expand your travel business with cruises? Contact us, cruise searching can be smoothly integrated into your current website.

Smart and Elegant Integration into Your Website

We can use your current webdesign and customize all functions to be part of your website. It is the most comfortable solution for you and your clients. If needed, we can cooperate directly with your designer.

If you are interested, just contact us, we can prepare an example for you to see cruises in your design.

Cruises in Your Design

Pro úplnou integraci použijeme přímo Váš design a vyhledávač nastylujeme s použitím prvků Vašeho designu. Může se stát, že některé prvky vyhledávače, seznamu či detailu plaveb nebude Vaše grafika postihovat. V takovém případě se obrátíme přímo na Vašeho grafika, aby chybějící prvky do designu doplnil. Výsledný vzhled vyhledávače bude k nerozeznání od Vašeho webu.

If you want to sell cruises directly, you can add your own descriptions (for example ship, cabin, board, ...), photos, information about trips, ports or sightseeing etc. Cruise details and the list of cruises can be entirely accommodated your demands.

Customize One of Our Templates

If you choose easier (and faster) way of integration, we choose one of our web templates and customize it into your design. We tone colors, style page elements, fit header and bottom, eventually add other blocks to assimilate cruises into your design. Finaly, cruises will look like your current websites, but structure of some web pages remains original.

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