Details of the Cruise

Cruises are about experience. Sale presentation is based on perfect design - breathtaking photos, luxury videos from board, attractive program, gastro experience... Our platform gives you everything you need for successfull cruise business.

Cruises are Luxury Travel Products

In cruise description we emphasise perfect presentation of sightseeing program, we use luxury photosliders, videos, animations. We pick up outstanding details to highlight cruises as wonderfull luxury products. You can add attractive description of ports and places visited during the program. All details can be displayed on dynamic map.

Cruise Routes in Dynamic Maps

Cruises are sightseeing tours which give you possibility to discover more than one continent during the journey. How to present it to your clients? Show the route and all outstanding places on dynamic map! We mark the line of the ship onto the map and add other information, such as photos from ports, details of trips etc. You can choose from different maps and graphics, use zoom and different icons.

Do you need more? We extend your website to enable clients to search cruises straightly on the map.

Photosliders with the Program

Show the exceptionality via outstanding photos. We offer several instruments to present photos. Cruise programme can be displayed through exclusive slideshow, each day different slide - including photos, attractive descriptions and links.

Need more? All for you made to measure...

Do you need something special? No problem, all web pages can be customized exactly to your requirements. We can prepare new layout and design page structure to fulfil your demands.

Our system is very varied. One page can look different on several websites. Cruise description can be entire or divided into flags, split by various icons or symbols, changed in structure, enlarged with information and photos from editorial system. It is possible to add travel tips, cruise reviews, videos from destinations and more. The prices can be displayed in any currency. We prepare new sets of icons for you to highlight hot tips and special deals...

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